Installation instructions are contained in the What’s New PDF document

Firmware Version 3.0.2

What’s New Document

Owners Manual V3.00 Document
V 3.0.2 (Firmware Download)

Special Note: You must download the powder.dbl (download here) to replace the old powder.txt file on the SC card.
                 ** This file must be named "powder.dbl" on the SD card, else a missing file warning will be issued **

Notes on build 2 (V3.0.2) - If the powder.dbl file is missing and placed on the SD card with a duplication name “powder (1).dbl”, “powder (2).dbl” etc, the system will now find and rename the file back to powder.dbl.

Firmware Version 2.41

What’s New Document

Owners Manual V2.41 Document
What’s New Video 
V 2.41 (Firmware Download)


Firmware Version 2.40 

What’s New Document
What’s New Video's
V 2.40 (Firmware Download)


Firmware Version 2.30 
What’s New Document
Patch 3 for V 2.30
V 2.30 (Firmware Download)


Firmware Version 2.20

What’s New  Document

Owners Manual V2.20 Document
V2.20.8 (firmware download)

Firmware Version 2.10
What’s New  Document

V 2.10

Firmware Version 2.00
What’s New Document

V 2.00

Some people have reported that after the installations of Version 2 the bulk motor screams and locks the machine up.
This is simple fix, down load the config.dcf file (above) and place on the root of the SD card, and reinsert the card.
I would also then go and do a factory restore on the following
System – Setup – Factory Restore
* Powder Cup Monitoring
* Default Powder Profile
*  Scales

Firmware Version 1.05
What’s New Document

Patch 6 for V 1.05.4

V 1.05.4 (full version)

Firmware Version 1.04
What’s New Document

V 1.04